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Why should we write every day?

In one of the most hectic and tiring days when nothing was going right, I found myself losing the trail of my own thoughts like a tragically derailed train. It was like my brain was marinated in a pool of thoughts and the only way to wash down my frustration was to wash my head, quite literally, to save myself from any further thought reception. It was a warm summer afternoon and nothing could make one feel any better than a cold shower and some fresh watermelons thereafter. I sat down, diligently turning on the table fan which has seen eighteen summers of this kind. The cool breeze on my face was soothing enough to dismiss the loud droning sound of the fan. I wanted that moment to stay as it was where for a moment I could carelessly give up everything that was bothering me that day. But brushing them under the carpet was not a resolution I was looking for. I had to figure out a way for once and for all. I stepped down from my bed to my study where I kept my pens and notebook and carried one to my bed, carefully positioning myself in a way that the wind could not blow away my pages or hinder my writing. I did not know where to start from. I was drowning in thoughts and it was difficult to find my way out of it. I started with a sigh, and finally brought myself to flipping a new, fresh page where I started with the date – 

20th June 2012


4:15 pm

More thoughts and contemplations. And I finally decided to start with what I did all day. Surprisingly enough, all my problems seemed to make very little sense when I started irrigating my thoughts into a sheet of paper. When you write about your day in a systematic manner, starting from the morning to the end of the day, you seem to discover the solutions to your own problems. It is like you are talking to yourself and guiding by showing yourself a way out of the chaos. It is like your pages talking back to you. Finding solutions to your own problems is a wonderful experience in itself. Intuition is the most powerful endowment a human can have. Writing disintegrates your problems which are taken care of by your intuition which successively accelerates the right messages and solutions to your problems.

It’s no secret that writing every day improves your writing and thinking skills, enhances your vocabulary and can eventually develop into a healthy hobby. So why not write more and make your life more simple yet creative? Life has become extremely busy where you have no more time left for your own needs. This only makes your life difficult since you are bottling up your emotions, opinions and frustrations. I urge you to write them all. A pen and a paper can change the way you see every day.


3 thoughts on “Why should we write every day?”

  1. Yeah thats my plan is to basically post articles about alot of different but valuble important topics. My writing skills are decent but they can only get better, but for now ill take it.

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