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From Savage to Civilisation

It is no surprise that no matter how civilised we become, the wild remains of us will resurface at some unexpected times in our lives. Last week on the bus on my way home from work, I overheard a conversation taking place between a couple seated in front of me. Their matter of concern was their annoying neighbour who apparently has not come to an agreement with this couple regarding the use of big vehicles in their narrow neighbourhood which ruins the concrete road leading to much distress for people like them who used that road for walking.

“One more time I see that happening and I’ll slay that son of a bitch, I tell you. No, this just can’t happen every time. We have been good enough to invite them to Christmas last year. What the hell do they think of themselves? Do they own the road or something? Are they trying to show off their big bloody car and rub their mud on our faces? Damn it, Paul, I need an aspirin.”

As I heard her yabber about her neighbours and him about his day at work and how frustrating life has become for them, I could only smile and contemplate on my own life which was not very different from theirs. I hardly had time to delve deeper into my thoughts as the couple from my back stood up and crossed my seat and reached the one on my front and held that seat for a better support. The lady on my front and her husband Paul looked back at the couple and smiled like nothing was wrong. They seemed like they knew each or maybe he too was a part of their neighbourhood.

“So you know Mr and Mrs Greene are leaving. You know what that means. No more struggle with the potholes. The roads will get better. We can fix the damages done.”

“Oh Paul Honey, did you hear that? They are leaving. Shouldn’t we just invite them for lunch before they leave? God, I know they made a lot of damages but I only wanted them to understand and not leave. Honey, they invited us for their son’s graduation party after all.”

Well, yes, that escalated quickly. I wonder how some things can change people’s opinion in a matter of time. The same beast that threatened to slay and slit the neighbours turned into a loving host. It is weird how civilisation catches up with us every time we make an attempt to leave it behind.

As I came out of my thoughts I see that they changed their topic and were talking about their kids at school and by this time the wheels screeched as I reached my destination. I got down from my bus looking back at the wild animals trapped in it, trapped by civilisation, beasts who are bound to throw a smile every once in a while.

A strange day indeed!



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