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An open letter to all wool-gathering lovers

via Photo Challenge: Bridge

Here I shall talk about the relationships that we all build and why do they crumble down swirling into a heap of sand. We spend all our lives building bridges, sometimes multiple bridges at the same time that might lead to someone that either fulfils our needs, dashes hopes or makes no difference in our lives. Bridges are built consciously or unconsciously on the expectation that they might prove to be fruitful for us someday in future. And so we all build bridges to the one we think might be ‘the one’. Sometimes we get a bit too attached to that which is on the other end of the bridge, hence making conscious blunders by expecting more than what is necessary, and unnecessarily end up building castles in the air. Results? Disappointment, big or small depending on your expectations.
Why is it that we always make the conscious decision of building bridges to people who seldom make an effort to build a bridge from the other end to reach you? This might have crossed your mind several times in the past but you will still defend your bridge indefatigably and walk till the end of it where you often discover what your heart already knew.

I have probably heard this phrase or multiple derivations of the same, more than I can recall, “Oh I should not have wasted my time trying to woo him/her. I should have given up in the first few signs! He/she is just not into me.”

Falling for someone and building what you call a relationship should not consist of a just one-sided effort to build a bridge to reach the other but the constant exertion from both sides so that you meet each other in the middle of the bridge. Most relationships and expectations fail because one of them builds less and one of them builds more than what is meant for him to build.
What I would suggest is that study the hints, listen to your intuition and save yourself from a heartbreak. Intuitions never go wrong. Build a relationship which is well reciprocated and not build a Bridge which is not meant for you to walk on. Look back and create your part of the bridge that you have been overlooking all your life, look back at the one who has been waiting to meet you in the middle, someone who would happily build a tad bit more for you to reach you. And if you are at that part of your life where you are confused whether to proceed on that bridge or leave it unconstructed, you should probably slow down and rethink before investing your time and effort persuading someone to start building a bridge to you.
After all, you respect yourself first before respecting anyone else. So, drive slow and safe and save yourself from a heartbreak.

Yours truly,

Broken Bridge Expert.


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