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The Importance of Validation

#It #amazes #me #every #time #I #scroll #through #my #Facebook #and #Instagram #feed. #People #in #the #last #five – #six #years #have #successfully #mastered #the #art #of #burying #one’s #real #life #and #portraying #something #beautiful #out #of #the #tangled #mess #of #daily #existence.

Maybe it is important to Bury yourself with validation to some extent?

It amazes me, how validation has started playing a substantial and a deciding part in our lives. Your followers’ list definitely shows how important you are as a person, or maybe not? Oh, definitely not. I am sure you have seen the power of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’, and how a ‘like’ or a ‘comment’ can change a demoralisingly lethargic day into a highly motivating and an enlightened one. We are caught between the constant need for validation at everything that we do. On a day when everything is out of place and nothing is particularly going good, an exhibition of a #goal on social media comes to a temporary rescue.  I view them as nothing but a cry for help. It is amazing how a perfectly staged moment can portray a perfectly wrong idea about someone’s life, and how easy it is to fool people. And by doing so how easily we are fooling and burying ourselves in illusions.

But why is there a constant need of validation for everything that we do? The truth is, we don’t. As long as you know what you are doing with your life, you don’t need validation from the people around you especially from the social media. Your followers’ count doesn’t prove anything nor does the likes and comments on your selfies. For people who have given this tremendous power to people to validate, alas, there is no cure or rescue but to indulge yourself in this amazement and validate the people around you. Because at the end of the day, may be validation and acceptance is all you need.



2 thoughts on “The Importance of Validation”

  1. I think the into with a hashtag on every word will make readers leave before reading your post. Perhaps you were illustrating the absurd excess of the use of hashtags? I was tempted to leave because I don’t hashtag ever so it was distracting. I liked what you wrote and it is so true that the need to validate worth with the #mygreatlife is like cancer. People who need this validation know that many times their life is not great so they hold up the illusion.

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    1. I was about to use hashtags throughout the post. Thank God I didn’t do that. 😛 That would have been quite annoying. And yes, I was trying to illustrate the absurd use of hashtags on social media.
      Thank you so much. I am glad you liked it! 🙂

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