Life not as sweet as a lollipop

It was extremely important for me to bunk college. I was tired and I needed a day to myself, just for myself. A day where I can go wherever I want, and do whatever I like. A day where I can just be me, for me. Sundays were just as tiring as the weekdays and by the time the Sunday goes by, I happen to be graced by a bitter realisation of insufficiency and how badly I wanted more breaks to just relax for a while. Enough is enough, I thought. I dropped my college back and replaced it with the one I usually go out with. Nothing heavy, just a few bucks, a handkerchief and a bottle of water.

I walked out of my hostel, trying not to match my steps with the disorderly rhythm of the traffic signals because I felt I have matched enough with the worldly noises and I need to find my own pace, and my own beat, at least today. I reach a park where students often come to relax or date or both. I sat on the other side of the lawn facing some tall betel trees, watching the clear blue sky contemplating on my life at the same time. I was often used to having deep thoughts until a few months ago when life suddenly became difficult to survive.

As I was swimming in a pool of my own never-ending thoughts, I heard some voices at a distance. I opened my eyes which were close by then and looked around myself and spotted a little boy, about 7-8 years of age, selling candies and lollipops. Our eyes met and I knew I could not deny that innocent face who was expecting someone to buy some candies from him. I looked at his tanned face and carefree smile which shone amidst unjustifiable experiences of childhood. Along with him was his little brother tugging his soiled kurta. I raised my hand and these two came close to me. I bought three lollipops. One for me, his brother and himself. The sweet melted in my mouth bringing back the lingering memories of my lost childhood. I remembered how my father used to get me one each time we went out for a stroll. I sat back on the grass and closed my eyes enjoying the sweet trail of thoughts that the lollypop left behind. Life indeed is unfair! While they were deprived of their own childhood, I got to relive mine.

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