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A trip to Mussoori

The journey started in the afternoon of a funny Friday when everything was going out of track and a need of a break and an escape was immensely felt. The spontaneous spur of energy that took us to this place will always be looked back as an inspiration and an encouragement that will guide us to many more places in future.

We as college students are surrounded by pressure from all sides. We either have the assignment to submit or we need to study for the continuous evaluations that take place in our college in the form of class tests. It was getting pretty difficult to cope with the circumstances and just like me, my otherwise quite roommate felt its consequences as well and decided to raise her voice in the middle of the night. “I need a break! Let’s got to Mussoorie this weekend!” she said.  Now, considering the fact that we had an assignment to submit the next day, it was my default duty to calm her down and make her get back to her assignment that she was indefatigably trying to complete before midnight. But instead of talking some sense into her about how we should not be making big decisions in the middle of the night especially when we already have a huge load of work in front of us, I fueled her excitement by saying, “Yes! Let’s go!”.

The next day after college we booked a cab and we travelled all the way to Mussoorie from Delhi which took us around 7 hours. This was our first-weekend gateway and our excitement knew no bounds. We thoroughly enjoyed and explored places in the next two days, the accounts of which will be shortly shared in this blog. There were a lot of adventures and misadventures which are worth sharing and reminiscing from time to time!


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